Friday, July 10, 2009

Give Me a Name Contest - Extended

Hey there guyz and galz, Just a note to let you know I have extended the deadline for the Give Me a Name contest! You can now get your character names to me by Sunday at 12:00 noon CST. Also here is further explanation: On Sunday night, I will choose what I consider the five best, most original character name suggestions from your suggestions. I will base my next book around these five characters. The names that I choose will define the characters, as well as the type of book this will be. The five winners will receive an ebook copy of my poetry collection "Social Disease: The Reconciliation of a Gay American Male," recognition for your character's name in the final yet-unnamed book, and an ebook copy of the novel once it has been published! So very fun and it never hurts to try, so join the competition by emailing me your character suggestion to Subject line: Character Suggestion Contest Remember - you can enter more than once by suggesting more than one name! Winner will be announced Sunday night. Much love and thanks, JL

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Art Links

Incase the earlier links did not work for you
War on Terror

My Politically Controversial Art Could Be Yours

Yep, the header reads right! I have listed two of my controversial paintings from my "Social Disease" series on eBay at very reasonable starting bids - a chance to own something rare somewhat cheaply. Nice :-)
Listed are -
Social Disease 1 - War on Terror
Social Disease 2 - Lynched
Both auctions will run for five days :-) Take a browse, view the photos, and enjoy!

Independence Day

"Independence Day"
July 3, 2009
J. L. Foster
Freedom folds one thousand times.
From the stillness bursts the skies.
Many lights sparkle high above
To constitute this land that many love.
The lights reflect our independence
And the day we gained our senses.
Or do they reflect the bombs of war
That was fought along the shore?
Did the sky not light with fire?
Did the soldiers not feel it dire
To arm themselves with hands of fury
And ensure this land for the weary?
And do we not bomb right now
In other lands that we call foul?
And do their skies not brighten up light
With the fires throughout the night?
Please now, do not be offended
By these words you might wanted mended.
I am simply not a fan of the fire
That lights up the sky with political power.

Fan Page

Don't forget to join my fanpage (just opened) on Facebook! Share with your friends :-) Special deals, freebies, and contests will be made aware there first quite often! :-)

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Autographed Books Now on Ebay!

I have placed autographed copies of my books "The Trail of the White Boxers: Volume One" and "Social Disease: The Reconciliation of a Gay American Male" on eBay! Listed at an affordable starting bid (cheaper than I sell them on the website!) you can't go wrong! Both books are in new condition, signed by me, and the best thing about it is after you have bought the book, you can message me and I will personalize that autograph! So check it out! Links below!
The Trail of the White Boxers - Autographed -

Saturday, July 04, 2009


Wow - to kick off the summer, I'm giving away 5 free ebooks of my poetry collection "Social Disease: The Reconciliation of a Gay American Male" And SO MUCH MORE! Read on!
Here's what you have to do to win:
Give me a name!
That's right. Give me the name of a character - male or female, first name and last name. I will pick my favorite five character names from your suggestions and base my next full length novel around them! Winners will receive a free PDF copy of my poetry collection "Social Disease," a free copy of the upcoming novel (in PDF ebook format) using their character when it is published, and recognition in the book for your character name!
To enter, send an email to with the subject line "Character Name Contest!" Include your character name in the body of the email and your name how you would like it published, should your character name happen to win.
Good luck to everybody! All entries must be received by Friday, July 10, 2009. Winners will be announced on Sunday, July 12, 2009.

Monthly Poll - July 2009

Check out the new monthly poll to the left side of the box! I'd love to know what you're thinking about!

Review: Ockham's Razor

Book: "Ockham's Razor" by Bill Haworth
Review Date: June 26, 2009
Publisher: The Dark Castle Lords Publishing
Price: $2.50, eBook
Review Rating: 4 Swords

Ockham’s Razor is by far not your typical tale from Dark Castle Lords Publishing. Author Bill Haworth takes a step away from castles, lords, and ladies and delivers a creation that is thought provoking, dramatic, and welcomingly humorous.

This short tale unfolds on a rainy day, atop a wet church and a cemetery filled with newfound mourners. Everything is about as normal as can be expected when a funeral ends and the friends and family of the recently deceased begin to depart. They take notice to a man climbing to the top of the church via scaffolding that had been left behind during roof repairs. It takes only a moment before the crowd becomes a gaggle of onlookers, each wondering how long it would take the man – named Tom – to plummet dead to the ground. To Tom’s rescue comes a priest – wise and calm – and after a bit of hesitation, Tom begins to confide the thoughts that have been troubling him.

Enter the government, the law, the eager and conflictingly paired police officer Barlow and firefighter Grant. Grant – with his street-smart gruffness – immediately clashes with Barlow, whose psychological methods of handling jumper situations seems too slow and peaceful to work. It is not long before the pair of rescuers, the priest, and Tom are neck to neck in religious and spiritual debate, slinging humorous one-liners and somehow intelligent thoughts back and forth.


There are moments in the story when one must think, “How can this debate possibly be of any help to poor Tom?” Fear not, dear reader. Bill Haworth has justification for every dilemma you might encounter. He handles his situations well, leading into action, surprises, and impressive unexpected twists. To say more would give away too much of this short but thoughtful story. Fans of comedy, theology, religious debate, and action will be pleasantly entertained by this quirky tale. I know I was.

  • Rating: 4 out of 5 Swords, Reviewed by J. L. Foster

The Beat

"The Beat"
July 3, 2009
J. L. Foster
What is this beat that’s in my head?
I hear it when I go to bed.
I sing it when I’m sound asleep.
And in the morning, it has a steady beat.
What is this song that will not leave?
Top 40 get down on your knees.
Why will it not let me rest?
Poker Face was her worst jest.
Womanizer is stuck in my head.
And Miley too – I’d rather be dead.
The radio has got to change.
At least its line up can be arranged.
What is this tune that will not go?
It’s Michael Jackson’s last live show.
It’s been playing loudly inside my head
Ever since they announced that he is dead.
And now this beat is worse than before
Because of this poem – man that is sore.
I guess I’ll hear it tonite in the bed.
This steady beat that’s in my head.

Dead and Gone

"Dead and Gone"
July 3, 2009
Dedicated to my Mother (she knows why)
J. L. Foster
Dead and gone, dead and gone…
That should have been the lost soul’s song.
He lived a life that brought much pain
Into the lives of those he had slain.
His course ran long – some say too long.
But when he died, some souls – they cried.
Their tears sank deep into the earth
To where his ashes had found rebirth.
An act of magic or a spell from hell,
Whichever one, no one could tell.
But the tears were enough to spark new life
Into this cannibal’s soul that night.
A storm began to grow above
And with it rain fell without love.
It burned into the skin of the ones
Who caused this curse to come undone.
Ashes rose and the black rain poured.
It sank into this desperate horde
Eating at their flesh and bones
Until their clothes remained alone.
And when the spirit grew mightily strong
He gathered himself, and it was not long
Before the cannibal was once again whole
And free to continue his merciless goal.


July 3, 2009
J. L. Foster
I am eager like a beaver
Who’s a wicked story weaver
And I’m plucking from my mind
An idea of every kind.
The ideas might be lame
And some might seem to tame
To keep up with whom I am –
Cause I’m a man with a plan
And the plan might be great
Or it might start me late.
It might take me to success
Or it might make me someone less.
It might raise me to new heights
That I’ve dreamed of over nights,
Or it might tell me I’m a bore
With small ideas to explore.
It might take me by the hand
And make me a better man,
Or it might scold me from within
And bury me from the wind.
But this is how it has been
Forever, I can’t remember when
The road of life was easy and free
And the path was open just for me.
I’ve had to make my own way.
I’ve had to climb from day to day.
I wouldn’t have it another way.
On this road, I’ll continue to stay.
I enjoy the rocky climb,
Even when I start to whine.
Whining seems to get me nowhere.
On a blank page is where I stare.
And I try not to look
To my past for the book
That opened up a path for success.
When I fight, I do my best.
And again, I am eager
Like a work-enthused beaver
Who has woken up at the crack of dawn
To prepare for you this, my song.

New Poetry

It's widely known that I have a great love for poetry. My collection "Social Disease: The Reconciliation of a Gay American Male" has been revised four times and will most likely receive a fifth revision in the next couple of years. Once a month, I host an open mic poetry night at Lulu's Coffeehouse in Watertown, TN, where I share some of my writings and enjoy as others share theirs. Yesterday, I shared six brand new poems with the crowd, and I thought I would share some of them here with you, as well.
I hope you enjoy them, and I would love to hear your comments and feed back.
Peace be with you.