Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Jae El Foster

I have found a new freedom
And it began in a season
Of self-discovery,
Of self-recovery,
And the remembrance of self-importance.
A mark of the physical and its tie to the spiritual.
I have embarked upon a new world.
I have reached for a new horizon.
I yearn for enlightenment,
And I hope for personal purification.
I touch upon my skin
And I feel the flesh that covers me
With newfound balance.
I am resilient
To the man that I once was.
I am encompassed
By the birth of my modern life,
And I am encouraged by it.
I am changed.
I am crafted.
I am the vision of my private cognitions
And I have come to life.
I am fire,
And I am ice.
I am the face of creation and the soul of creativity.
I am the person that I was meant to be.

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