Wednesday, February 03, 2010


April, 2008

I see you in front of me…
You’re waiting for me, I know.
I’m late again; it’s no surprise.
I’m glad you did not go.

Coming up behind you,
I lean closely to your ear.
Softly, I whisper I love you,
And you turn to me without fear.

The look I see in your eyes
Is one of thanks and relief.
And when you kiss me on my lips
I know you feel no grief.

We saw each other just this morning,
Though it seems like ages ago.
And now we’re back in each other’s arms
And the fires of our passion can show.

You melt into my grip.
I hold you close to my heart.
And with a second kiss,
I can feel my heart restart.

Even though the rain is falling,
Neither of us seems to care.
It’s great to stand here and hold you.
I cannot move… I wouldn’t dare.

Standing drenched, we kiss again
And I take you by the hand.
I lead you to our home – not far,
And I’m ever-thankful to be your man.

Tonight, we shall dine together,
As we have for all eternity.
And afterwards, I shall gift you
With the adventures of sensuality.

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  1. I love this one of your best. I picture you and your love as I read it.